Shannon Hepburn

Shannon has been teaching various forms of movement in the classroom for over 20 years. She completed her Pilates training at the Stott Corporate Training Center in New York City in 2009 and is a Stott Certified Instructor. Shannon loves teaching group classes and working with clients individually. She especially appreciates the diversity of her group classes: young faces, mature faces, athletes, people recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions. Her classes are infused with safe movement practices, attention to detail and a sense of humor. She lives in Montpelier with her husband, son and Rex the pug.

Judy Stermer

Judy came to Vermont nearly 12 years ago and figured on staying just a few years. Her original home is Michigan. 12 years later, after falling in love with Vermont's Green Mountains and community, she'll likely never leave. She also fall in love with cycling upon moving here, both road and more recently mountain biking. But in the winter, she'd rather be sweating indoors than freezing on a bike in the snow (although fat biking is pretty darn fun). Judy lives in Montpelier with her husband Phil and dog Lilly and during the day is the director of external affairs for the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems.

James Nelson

Although new to Studio Zenith, Jim has been an active spinning instructor for over 12 years. When not in the studio, he enjoys working out, hiking, cycling, and training his lab Zara. He teaches to all levels from the seasoned cyclist to the novice. Jim's classes incorporate his experience as an instructor, road biking, high intensity interval training, and the use of motivating high energy music. Jim is a psychotherapist with offices in Montpelier and Burlington. Exercise is key to a healthy body, mind, and spirit which he encourages in all of his clients.

Kim Dixon

As a Spin Instructor since 2003, Kim brings a wealth of experience to the team. Because she is proficient in teaching the multi-level class, new spinners and veterans alike are comfortable riding side-by-side. Combining the mind-body teachings of the original Spin program with the latest technology and techniques promises riders a unique, individualized challenge. Kim also owns Insights, LLC a marketing company specializing in services and education for small Vermont business.

Laura Kaufman

Laura was born and raised in the Berkshires where she grew up exploring the outdoors. She has maintained a strong passion for health and fitness ever since. From a three sport athlete in high school, to collegiate soccer player, to coaching high school track athletes and organizing local programs for kids, she's committed to the cause. Kaufman graduated college with a BA in Biology with focus on athletic training and nutrition. Since graduating she's worked in various educational roles in New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon and Vermont in additional to growing her own kids clothing line and is often spotted trail running around Waterbury or at the playground with her two kids. She also enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, golf, soccer, gardening, and crafting. Laura teaches Indoor Cycling and Cycle Sculpt classes. Her classes are intense and upbeat with modifications for all levels.

Danielle Jepson

Danielle is originally from the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and worked for the Appalachian Mountain Club in a plethora of positions for the better part of a decade as an Alpine and Northern Forest Ecology Researcher, Trail Information Supervisor and as well as Incident Commander for Search and Rescue. She now lives in Waterbury, VT after falling in love the state next door while attending Lyndon State College, and now works for Cabot Cheese Co-op exporting Whey protein around the world. When not in the studio you can find her skiing in the backcountry of Bolton, hiking the Long Trail or running ultra-marathons. She is excited to be a part of the Zenith team to contribute intense, upbeat and exciting cycling classes!

Shannon Kelly

Shannon is a lover of movement and exercise. With a background in dance, Shannon is all about getting sweaty and feeling good. She has studied dance in places from Salvador, Brazil to Portland, Oregon. She loves strength training with an emphasis on posture and alignment and having fun cardio workouts to get the heart pumping. She loves having fun dancing and working out in groups.

Marissa Greene

Buti Yoga is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning and deep-abdominal toning. This all-in-one workout tones + sculpts the entire body while facilitating complete inner transformation. Classes are 1 hour in length, with a 5-7 minute savasana included. Created by Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold, Buti Yoga helps women tap into their inner power to unleash unshakable confidence, uncover true desire and bond with other women instead of compete. The Buti Yoga movement methodology clears away stuck energy and revitalizes the body to allow each student to shift their perception of the world around them. Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.” Music is loud and main contain explicit lyrics

Melissa Story

Melissa Story has been a lover of movement her whole life. She studied all forms of dance from age three through college and has taught group fitness since 2010. She loves to inspire people of all ages and fitness levels to move their bodies in a way that brings them joy! Melissa is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and counsels teens and adults around finding a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and body image. When Melissa isn't teaching Spinning, she is working for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, volunteering in her community, coaching, or spending time with her husband and three children.

Amy Leventhal

Amy Leventhal has been a Personal Trainer for 10 years, and a Fitness Enthusiast and Athlete throughout her whole lifetime. She believes that Movement, Flexibility, Balance and Strength are some of the most important keys to Wellness and Happiness. When she is not busy with her many one-on-one clients at the studio, she is teaching Strengthen, Tone, Condition and Bootcamp style classes throughout the day. Mostly Noon and 2pm at the Main Street Studio and Noon Wednesday and Thursday Spinning Classes. Amy creates each workout so it is completely unique and specialized so there are no repeats, it is always exciting! ALL LEVELS are what makes her classes so special. You will be taken care of if you come in with an injury, as a beginner, if you just had a baby, if you are overweight, if you are an extreme athlete, anything goes here and everyone is accommodated and feels comfortable and challenged. She opened Studio Zenith in September of 2012 and has never felt happier as she loves every minute of her job! Join her for classes or email or call for one-on-one info :)

Megan Pow

Think you can't dance? Come and find out the truth: of course you can, and it feels good, and life is better when you do. Zumba is an amazing full-body workout disguised as an inclusive, feel-good, easy to follow dance party with Latin and international rhythms. Megan’s fun, sweaty, and supportive classes will boost your core strength, improve your endurance, and make you look even better in pants. When a Zumba instructor first invited her to try it, Megan said, “I’m uncoordinated, forty pounds overweight, and I can’t dance… but sure, I’ll try.” Four years later, Megan is known as an encouraging, light-hearted and high-energy instructor who personally invites you to try it too. Especially if you think you can’t. Join the party!