I attended the cycle sculpt class last Friday which was instructed by Kim Dixon. It was a great combination of energizing cardio, perfectly finished with some sculpting/toning work, all led by a high energy, knowledgeable instructor in a beautiful, clean studio! Highly recommend!

~ Barb Salg

Whenever I hear this ridiculous song by LMFAO (or dance to it for that matter on Sundays) I always kinda can't help but smile to myself. "It's my song too", I'm laughing. You know, I think I am aging well. And I am moving all the time. And it's thanks not only to my own inner fire, it's truly thanks to Studio Zenith and all the perfect classes that are offered there every week. I have been "kissing my biceps" for over 5 years with Amy and her SZ crew and well, it shows. I've dubbed Amy as a kind of "guru" in my life, without sounding overly exaggerated. I work out. You know the rest of the lyrics in that song, right? Don't we all? Well, with SZ, that's what I'm saying!

~ Gillian Thomas

Studio Zenith is a great place to exercise. All of the instructors I've taken classes with have been very professional and give you an awesome work out. The best part about Studio Zenith is you can work out to your ability level. There's no pressure to keep up or hold back. They're also very welcoming to all types of people.

~ Will White

I love Studio Zenith. Not only is the atmosphere seriously amazing, the people make this top notch. I took a few different classes and definitely did not feel up to the level of others in the classes, but I never felt that anyone looked at me as though I didn't belong. The instructors were warm and welcoming and very encouraging. Plus Amy rocks! Studio Zenith feels like home.

~ Nicole Daniels

Studio Zenith is truly a huge asset to our community! This studio provides such a warm supportive loving atmosphere that is empowering for all people. I have been going to Amy's classes since she started at the Plainfield Community Center and love how far she has expanded Zenith to Montpelier and Waterbury! I could not be more grateful!!

~ Katie Whittaker

Studio Zenith - and it's wonderful, enthusiastic, and well-trained instructors - has contributed to my overall health significantly by making my heart and lungs stronger, my base and core more durable, and even improved my speed. It has a team-like yet familial feel to it, and it caters to all fitness levels. I highly recommend it for those of you who want a break from the traditional exercise facility, yet crave a good, thorough, fun, and results-oriented workout. Thanks and praise, Amy.

~ Clansy DeSmet